Makakilo Heights Kitchen Remodel

Rooms: Kitchen

Materials: LG Viatera® quartz countertops, two-tone Design-Craft cabinets, porcelain tile flooring, Lunada Bay Tile backsplash

Features: Hand-welded light fixtures, open shelving, large new island

We loved working on this Makakilo Heights kitchen remodel and are so pleased with the finished product. The original kitchen was outdated—it hadn’t been updated since the 80s!—and had very limited lighting. There was a large, jutting peninsula that boxed the kitchen in and made it much less functional. The owner wanted a space that was better suited for entertaining, since he didn’t like to cook in the current, uncomfortable space.

Our goal was to add a heavy dose of both aesthetic and function to this outdated kitchen. We kept the basic layout of the kitchen the same, but replaced the peninsula with a massive island that featured plenty of seating. This immediately opened up the space and added a lot more room for both cooking and entertaining.

Some of our favorite elements of this remodel are the products we installed. We chose two different colors of cabinets from one of our favorite suppliers, Design-Craft, to add some dimension to the space. Design-Craft makes an effort to be sustainable and use only the best eco-friendly materials, which is one of the reasons we love using their cabinetry in our kitchen remodels. Similar to the two-toned cabinets, we used two different colors of quartz for the kitchen countertops to add some visual interest. For the floor, we used a fun new 8”x36” size of beautiful, porcelain tile.

We love using unique, hand-made elements in our home remodels to give homeowners a truly one-of-a-kind space. For this kitchen remodel, we used hand-welded lighting to brighten the previously dark space. These light fixtures bring some extra personality into the room, and are also certified LED to keep with our use of environmentally-friendly products. We added some additional character to the kitchen remodel with a fun, unique backsplash from Lunada Bay Tile and plenty of open shelving.

This kitchen remodel was a joy to be a part of. We’re so happy with the final result and that the homeowner finally has a space worthy of entertaining.

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