Aina Haina Kitchen Remodel

Rooms: Kitchen

Materials: LG Viatera® quartz countertops, Design-Craft cabinets, aluminum and glass doors, acrylic cabinet faces

Features: Custom three-drawer cabinet for Miele coffee machine, wetbar, new island, countertops with waterfall edge

We were so excited to work with the Lau family on a fun new coffee bar addition to their already bright and inviting kitchen. The homeowners wanted to center the kitchen remodel around their new Miele luxury coffee machine. Because of this, we needed to make sure the rest of the kitchen fit with the modern, high-end feel of this new coffee system.

After discussing the couple’s design aesthetic and goals for the space, we realized that the countertops would be one of our main areas of focus. The owners wanted clean, flowing countertops that were easy to maintain, but that still looked and felt like real stone. When picking the countertop for the coffee bar, we also had to consider the basic gray quartz and white cabinets that had already been installed in the main area of the kitchen.

We ended up going with Viatera by LG Hausys, one of our preferred countertop surfaces, for the coffee bar countertops. Unlike natural stone, Viatera quartz doesn’t require ongoing sealing and maintenance to help it stand up to heat and other possible damage. After looking at samples in a variety of colors and patterns, we decided that the Marvel finish was the perfect choice for this space. The white background and gray veining of the Marvel countertop mimics the look of real stone and complements the stainless steel appliances and colorful mosaic tile backsplash throughout the main kitchen.

To play off of the circular pattern of the coffee bar backsplash, we installed a fun tilted, circular light fixture over the main island. In contrast, we used square and rectangular tiles for the main kitchen backsplash to bring together the sharp lines of the one-piece doors and drawer fronts.

One of our favorite parts of this Hawaii kitchen renovation is the waterfall edge on both the island and the coffee bar. This beautiful element adds to the natural aesthetic that the owners were hoping for, and also adds another visual interest point in the space. We then topped the space off with some modular bar stools for the island, adding to the modern aesthetic of this fun and colorful kitchen remodel.

Want to learn more about this project? Our kitchen remodel was recently featured as inspiration on Viatera’s website. Click here to read the full case study.

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Rather than match the existing cabinetry and countertops that came with the house, I wanted to complement them. Jeff provided a great line of sleek cabinetry, an LG Viatera countertop that was exactly the look I wanted, and tile backsplash choices that were dynamic and within my budget.


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